Petrifius Totalis!

yep...that's right! I'm a Harry Potter nerd...hahahaha  =P

Sho, my alarm went off this morning and it took every fiber of my being to keep from hitting snooze and rolling back over to go back to sleep. I'M SO TIRED. haha This whole living in the real world, having a real job, and getting up at 6:30 every morning really isn't working for me. I'd much rather sleep all day and work at night...hence my previous profession as a server. I miss sleeping until noon, hitting the beach, and THEN going to work. I don't even wake up this early during the semester!

I've got some friends coming in from out of town this afternoon, and I am totally stoked to see them!!!! YAY! I haven't seen Riley since last summer, Laura since last fall, and Kylie and Claire since like March. =/ I feel like such a slacker because I'm so terrible about keeping in touch with people. And I know what a lame excuse it is to blame it on being busy, blah, blah, blah. I think it's just that I get so carried away worrying about everything going on in my life that I forget that the world exists outside of my own room (it def doesn't help that 9 months of the year I live in the "Wofford Bubble"). I mean, what kind of friend promises to "keep in touch" and then completely forgets to send an email or write on someone's facebook wall?! Hahaha I know I'm not a terrible person (at least in that sense ;P) but I feel like a complete SLACKER when I get a "blast from the past" from a close friend from high school.

Anyways, we're starting our actual experiment in the la today and I'm pretty excited. Unfortunately, I'm unable to disclose exactly what we're researching due to the limits put forth by the grant proposal...but it's pretty cutting edge stuff and my name might potentially end up in a scientific journal article for the work I'm doing here this summer!!!!!!!! WOOT!

I hope everyone is well and having a fantabulous morning so far =]


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  1. can i just say, the title of this post totally caught my eye right away. i am a harry potter nerd too! hope you have a fabulous day! :)

    <3, Mimi